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Posted on Apr 16 2017 - 2:58am by piddler
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How to build a “budget” remote control/autonomous wandering 4WD robot. 🙂 PARTS: RPI 3 – RPI 3 Camera – 4 Amp Power Adapter – 16GB Micro SD – 120 pcs jumper cable – HC-SR04 Sensors – Resistor Assortment...

Posted on May 11 2016 - 12:55pm by piddler
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This was my first attempt at building a DIY robot and also the main source of inspiration for building the channel/website. It was named after the ambush predator the “Goliath Birdeater Tarantula” and modeled to be an ambush drone, hence the the name “Goliath Maneater”… lol, sometimes I have too much fun with naming things. Extensive...